Making coffee is a journey
and a destination.

Before we can convince you just how much pride and effort we put into every one of our brews , we think it would be a good idea to give you the 411 on just how we get it done.

We start with the perfect altitude in the mountains outside of Armenia, Colombia.

Somewhere in one of those valleys is a rich, lush farm , hidden off a dirt road, behind a blue steel bar gate. Guarded by an older grandmother gatekeeper, she opens the gate at dawn for the daily farmers yearning to pull the bright red fruit that holds the jewel of Colombia -- the coffee bean .

Before they can pick however, the farm hand plants the seeds in small wooden planters. The seeds are nurtured and raised from budding stems to small young coffee plants for the first three months of life.

After its infancy, the small plants are carefully infused with a mixture of soil from their new and old homes , swaddled in a wrap to keep the moisture in tight .

After three more months, they are finally sent off to live and grow among their siblings, soaking in every drop of warm, tropical rain and bathing in soothing sunlight for another six months.

After that full year of being nurtured from birth, the coffee plants are finally planted in their new homes and left to flourish.

Once enough time has passed, and they start to bear fruit, the farmers patiently wait for the outer shells to turn ripe red , and carefully pluck only the perfect shells cradling the greatest beans in the world inside.

As they gather enough of the hand-picked fruit, they are placed within a hopper. The beans then start their last leg of the journey by being soaked, peeled, slow roasted, dried and sorted.

Even with this meticulous process, over 70% of these beans will never make it in the bag as they can contain 1 of 14 diseases that can only be seen by the naked eye after roasting.

After the beans are finally approved , they are either sealed in our naked, clear, air-tight containers or a barrel for cold brewing .

All of this happens so you can experience everything the bean has gone through from birth to your cup .

One sip and you will feel like you made the trip yourself. Enjoy.