You can taste the difference.
We dare you to disagree.

Most people don’t realize what actually goes into nurturing a small coffee seed into your morning go juice.

The truth is, it is a long process.

So what actually sets apart Exótico Colombian Coffee from the sea of other coffees infesting retail stores and coffee shops near you? We are so glad you asked!

The major variation between the qualities of most coffees breaks down to time and location

The more time we take, the better that cup of coffee you're holding tastes.

Location, location, location.

Location is obviously the starting point for all coffees. What region of the world is the coffee coming from? What altitude is it grown? What enriches the soil?

Like all crops, there are better places to grow coffee than others. The problem is, the best locations are typically more remote and therefore companies that are only looking at the bottom line will pick the best location for their board of directors’ dividends not the best cup of coffee in the world.

Our bottom line? To bring you the latter.

We nurture our beans deep in the Colombian mountains of Armenia at the perfect altitude and weather conditions for growing coffee beans year-round.

Hand-picked not machine striped.

The old adage “time is money” is the mission statement of most companies out there, but we are not looking to provide you with the “most efficient” cup of coffee. Yuck.

One thing other companies can skimp on to save time in the process of harvesting coffee beans.

Imagine a machine that can pull all the coffee from every branch in seconds? Wow, that sounds great! It isn’t.

A machine might get a higher yield, but your favorite beverage also includes the rotten seeds, unripe bitter seeds, the bugs feasting on the rotten seeds, the extra leaves and any one of the 14 diseases that can affect coffee beans. Ewww. They don’t put that on the label.

So what do we do? We handpick 100% of all our coffee beans so you only get the good ones.

We hand-sort through every bean and discard all the diseased beans – about 70% of our yield never makes it to your cup.

What does make it? The purest, richest cup of coffee you have ever tasted. Try it

100% pure and rich with nothing to hide.

Following the lead of the classic mason jar, our bean coffee has a screw on top for that authentic, air-tight seal, not a flimsy bag with a sticker holding it closed.

When you finally open it and enjoy the flavorful aroma, you will know why.

At Exótico Colombian Coffee Company we believe deeply in delivering the purest, freshest and richest cup of authentic Colombian coffee we can harvest. So much so, even our package is naked.

Stare at us. See us in our most natural state of beauty. Imagine every bean we nurture is born in a small fragrant coffee field cocooned within a warn breeze and the enriching bosom of the Colombian mountain peaks. We are not embarrassed to show you all our beans.

That's because every bean was hand-picked, soaked and slowly roasted.

Somehow, it found its way to you. Enjoy.